decorating my nursery, how I used Etsy

My Experience

Picking a theme or color scheme is hard whether you know the gender or not.  Will I get tired of this?  Will it stimulate my baby?  Will it be too stimulating?  Will it be relaxing for me if I have to spend so much time in this room?

At first I thought I wanted primary colors, everything bright and stimulating but that was actually harder to find and make look good then I thought it would be so I reconsidered thinking it wouldn’t be relaxing for me.  We chose not to find out the gender so I came across this color scheme in an interior design magazine and loved it – lemon, mint green, grey and white.  The metallic gold happened to look great as well and already came as part of the dresser, lamp, artwork & mobile.

I am really pleased with how it turned out.  It didn’t cost a fortune and I feel comfortable and proud when I walk into the room.

How I did it

First I found the crib (cot) that I wanted – it’s the main piece so it’s a good starting point like a wedding dress to the theme of the wedding.  I knew I always wanted a white round crib since I can remember and this was the closest one to round I could find without spending a thousands of £££’s on a designer white round one.  It’s called the Stokke Sleepi  it’s really well made and comes with a hypo-allergenic Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified mattress (most cribs you have to buy a mattress separately).  I choose a package so it came with a mattress protector, fitted sheets, bumper, knit blanket, duvet and sleep sack.  The colors are limited however there are many Etsy shops that make fitted sheets and bumpers specifically for the Sleepi so you aren’t limited to white and taupe.

The crib also converts into different beds and chairs which is cool.

We also bought the Stokke changing table because it is better for your back with the higher height and the baby faces you instead of sideways like a typical changing table.  It has a lot of useful storage for things you need right away for changing diapers and other bins for stuff you don’t need all the time.  It changes into a desk when they are older and you can also buy customized covers for it on Etsy as well.

I needed a dresser that could fit in our small room.  At first I looked at white dressers here in the UK but it’s hard to find what I want here. I can never find anything I would class as nice it’s all flat-pack with an expensive price tag or its super luxury there really isn’t a nice middle like at home.  There’s nothing in the middle like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware or Crate and Barrel so it’s really hit or miss and it was SUPER depressing finding everything I wanted back home that I can’t have here 😦

So during my search I couldn’t really find anything to suit my needs and my budget so I started to look for used furniture that maybe if my husband let me we could paint a grey color instead of white.  I have up-cycled furniture at home but my parents have a big garage, driveway and lots of equipment where here I have none of that so that wouldn’t work.

That was my epiphany though- don’t try to be matchy matchy and get a white dresser that will never be the same shade of white I already have.  Look for something grey or something vintage that someone else will up-cycle for me.  Luckily I found this company that sells vintage furniture that you get to pick the exact color you would like your piece to be painted and voila problem solved.  My dresser is from Forget me Knot Furniture here in the UK but if you are in the US there are TONS of Etsy sellers you can have do the same for you I’m just not paying for shipping and import taxes to the UK

Then it was whether or not to have a breastfeeding chair – I read loads of people on either side of this fence but I knew that I needed somewhere to sit down no matter what and wanted it to be comfy.  This is when I was probably at my hormonal and frustration level breaking point – I couldn’t find any chairs here.  I could find really ugly grandma like breastfeeding chairs with stools, wooden rocking chairs that I thought would be too uncomfortable, and really expensive we’re talking £950 expensive designer ones which I thought were still ugly.  And of course Pottery Barn had loads of beautiful ones in tons of fabrics that I would have died for literally.

I started searching for a glider chair because that’s all I really wanted and needed something comfy that had a rock or glide motion.  And then I thought I struck gold – I found out West Elm exists in the UK!  Well 25% of West Elm does and it’s like here’s one chair and two sofa’s and by the way they both only come in one fabric.  But I found a glider chair that looked comfy, was in a grey color that would match my color scheme and it had a matching gliding ottoman I was sooo happy.  It was waay more money than the equivalent one I found in Babies R US that was equally as nice for about $200 but again they have Babies R Us here but no chairs.  So I paid the big money because this was the only thing I wanted/needed so badly and couldn’t find and I felt good about it.  I waited a week or so and then disaster struck.  My chair wouldn’t fit through the front door. . . we could bring it around the back to the french doors but the bedroom doors are the same width as the front door. . . I had to send it back! I was bummed.  I had to give up my chair dream or else I was going to go crazy literally knowing that everything I ever wanted was back home, easily accessible and affordable.  So my husband found the rocking chair you see in the photos.  I was apprehensive but beyond carrying.  I thought it wouldn’t work because it was too low and it had no arm rests.  But actually it’s been perfect and it was less than £200 so a bargain as well.  If you are looking for other simple chairs that aren’t expensive and you can use in other rooms later on look at IKEA.  I was going to get the POANG because it looks nice, padded, can slightly bounce, it won’t break the bank and best of all you can totally customize it on Etsy with a new cover in a solid color or print that you want to match your nursery!

After I had the big pieces sorted is when I saw my color scheme in the magazine.  After that I did some searching for that color scheme online on Pinterest to see if I could get some inspiration.  What I saw confirmed my color scheme and gave me some ideas to mix patterns.  I decided to only use the lemon and mint green as accents so that furniture, rug, curtains and chair could be re-used in another room without it looking like baby stuff.

I searched for the rug and curtains next.  I knew I wanted one of them to be a chevron pattern and the other a more open quatrefoil or similar.  The only place I can find good rugs that are more ‘designer Pinterest’ I call it was on – they have a US site as well which again sells more and better stuff as well as Joss and Main but they folded that into Wayfair here and it’s a lot better in the US both are great for ‘designer Pinterest’ pieces without the big price tag.  Wayfair carries Safavieh which is a good company for lamps, rugs and some furniture pieces like x-benches (I’ve bought other pieces in the past).  I got my Safavieh lamp and rug from and I love them both.  They are sophisticated enough for the room without feeling out-of-place and also extremely versatile because I could instantly put them in any other room of the house.

After that it was curtains which again hard to find what I want here.  I have two other curtain pairs in my house that I brought over in my suitcase from Pottery Barn because they are really nice fabric, well-made, great colors and patterns and most importantly blackout.  Blackout curtains are a must for your baby room because they will take naps during the day for the whole first year and if your room is super bright with your current curtains or blinds closed imagine how difficult it will be for that baby to fall asleep.  I pull mine closed during the day and it doesn’t make the room pitch black because the curtain rod is far enough from the wall that some light still seeps in.  This is actually a good thing because I don’t want the room to be bat-cave dark unless it’s nighttime so this way I am not messing with her sense of day or night.  I couldn’t find anything here I liked so I looked at Pottery Barn again and this time found the perfect ones in their baby line and if you aren’t on a tight schedule you can pretty much wait until they have a sale or free shipping they pretty much equal the same discount since the curtains are pretty heavy to ship.

After that it was the mobile – what did I want?  There are lots of options but a lot of stuff that looks cheap and it’s also really hard to find things in the colors you want.  I also tried looking for artwork during this whole time but never could find anything that I really liked either.  So I decided that Etsy would be the best way to get artwork and a mobile that would be in colors that I wanted. I favorited a bunch on things on Etsy and then looked at them all next to each other and decided on the cloud mobile and she already was selling a version with my exact color scheme.

Then I searched for digital prints and favorited a bunch that I liked again.  Now before deciding what prints I actually wanted to purchase I took images of all the elements in my room – crib, dresser, rug, curtains, lamp and dragged them onto a power point slide to see them all together.  I arranged them in a similar fashion to how they would appear in the room and then dragged artwork I was thinking of onto the slide to see how it looked in-situ  with the room and also how groupings of images would look together.  I searched for white wooden frames that I could buy and put the digital images inside these on my mood board.  I measured my walls and planned out how many frames I could fit and where I would want them.

I ordered the frames so I knew I had exactly what I needed and then I contacted the Etsy shop to see if she could create a custom listing for me with all six images and everything I needed to be changed so that it all matched my color scheme.  After the artwork was sorted it was just little finishing touches like the book end holders, curtain tassel tie-backs,  and the pillow for my rocking chair.

So in total I bought:

  • customized digital artwork files from Etsy for $60
  • cloud mobile Etsy $101
  • curtains Pottery Barn baby $99 panel
  • white wood frames on sale from House of Fraser £72
  • safavieh colleen table lamp from Wayfair £93
  • safavieh rug from Wayfair £123
  • rocking chair Kaleidoscope £200
  • handpainted vintage chest of drawers Forget Me Knot furniture £305
  • sequin cloud pillow Pottery Barn Teen on sale for $25

In total without the changing table or crib I spent roughly $1500 or £1000

Hope this helps and enjoy decorating your new baby room.

Show me what your beautiful baby room looks like or let me know what other Etsy shops you like or other places you’ve found awesome baby things below.


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