how I try to prevent & treat baby cold’s

My Experience

Christmas morning my husband woke up sick on our baby’s first Christmas. My parents were visiting from the US and my mom also started not to feel great but a different sick then my husband.  At this time our baby was three months old and sleeping in our room still in the Snuzpod (co-sleeping bed).  I knew I couldn’t get sick and that I didn’t want the baby to get sick either because they are so tiny and you can’t give them anything to relieve symptoms.  What makes it even more heart breaking is that they can’t blow their nose so they often struggle to breathe when they are congested.

So I wanted to avoid getting sick and I wanted to avoid the baby getting sick if possible.  My husband was sick for about two weeks and my parents left.  I thought we were all in the clear but she ended up getting a cold where she would cough and then choke on the mucus running down the back of her throat.

Below are the steps I took to try to prevent her from getting my husbands cold and what I did after she already got one.

How I Coped

To Help Prevent a Cold & What I Did When She Had One

1. I moved the Snuzpod into our guest bedroom and slept there with the baby instead and left my husband in our room with the contaminated sheets

2. I didn’t let him feed her and he never washed her bottles or my pumping equipment so that wasn’t an issue

3. I started drinking Emergen-c every morning to keep up my immune system but also to hopefully pass on some of the immunity vitamin boost through my breast milk – I made sure I drank a glass of it first thing in the morning then ate breakfast and pumped right away

4. I used saline spray already once a day or every couple of days when I remembered on the baby but as soon as my husband got sick I was using it no matter what first thing in the morning and when she went to bed and even in the day as well to hopefully keep her sinuses hydrated and clear

5. I used my nasal aspirator to try to keep her nostrils clear – I love my aspirator and she loves it too it’s an electric boogey sucker which works well for us and she’s not scared of it because I started when she was so young and always buzzed her on the hand or cheek before actually using it in her nose because it is quite noisy

Once She Had a Cold I Still Did the Above + Below

6. I placed something under the mattress to slightly incline it – don’t ever use a pillow or anything on top of the mattress as they can suffocate it has to be something UNDER the mattress only

7. We took her in the bathroom after a steamy shower and gave her a bath

8. We bought a cool mist humidifier and placed it next to where she slept

9. I rubbed Vicks Vapor Rub on her chest, bottoms of feet and put some on the tip of her nose to help her breathe

10. If I thought she was warm I took her temperature with my temporal thermometer

What I Use:

EMERGEN-C – drink this for a vitamin/immunity boost any time you feel like your body is stressed or the first signs you could be getting a cold they sell this everywhere in the US and I have bought it here in the UK at Boots and Waitrose

SALINE SPRAY– I have the generic kind from Walgreens for adults that’s a squeeze bottle NOT pressurized air,  I don’t place it in her nose just below to direct the water up – they do have baby/kids sniffle spray but I think this is just expensive marketing hype it’s just salt water after all

ELECTRIC NASAL ASPIRATOR – I got this one in the US for my baby shower and is one of the best things I registered for – I wasn’t going to use that syringe ball that doesn’t seem to really work and I also didn’t want to syphon and eat boogers


COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER– I bought this one because there weren’t many models at John Lewis to choose from and I needed it that day so far I have no complaints – it’s easy to fill, has a nightlight, auto shut-off, rotating nozzle, and variable mist levels

TEMPORAL THERMOMETER – I got this one in the US for my baby shower and thought it would be better/easier using a forehead thermometer than a rectal or armpit because those are often difficult to use when the baby is in distress and even the armpit one causes them pain because you have to press their arm down firmly – I really like this one because it stores the last 10 readings so you can compare, is fast, and has the ability to let you know if they have a possible earache

What are your tips for helping to prevent or treat a cold?  Let me know below . . .


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