newborn photography

My Experience

I thought I wanted some really cute sleeping newborn images while I was pregnant but for whatever reason I was too busy researching and preparing for stuff for the baby that I never looked into it.

In the hospital we got some Bounty shots which were cute and captured the hospital moment well – but it made me realize that I definitely wanted to get more professional shots done.  I was so busy the first week that I put off researching photographers until day 7 and at that point I knew that I needed to find someone local fast.  So I searched Google for newborn photographers in my area and found one that was nearby and most importantly I liked her portfolio and photography style.  I emailed frantically and asked about appointments and I totally lucked out because the website advised to make an appointment during your third trimester!  Melanie from Lavender & Sage responded quickly and gave me an appointment the following week on day 11.

The only reason I got an appointment at all is because someone hadn’t confirmed their sitting.  She was totally booked up other than that slot – and I hadn’t even thought about booking in advance or not having enough space (pregnancy brain!).  Not only that I found out that you can only take photos of newborns sleeping from day 6 – day 14 otherwise it’s hard to get them to be sleeping but pliable.

The other big thing I discovered is that many photographers do ‘newborn’ photography but there is a big difference between those who have some shots in their portfolio and those who specialize in them.  Melanie from Lavender & Sage is a trained newborn photographer – she was like the baby whisperer.  The studio was warm, she had white noise playing and knew how to hold, touch and talk to my baby to keep her asleep even while she was moving her around and wrapping her in fabric – look at the photo above she was asleep the whole time she wrapped her!

Not only did Melanie give us gorgeous images of our baby her presentation was beautiful.  We received a USB of our photos as a cork in a glass bottle with lavender inside which was placed inside a wooden keepsake box with straw which made the experience even more memorable.

 So I definitely recommend if you want newborn photos that you do your research, find an actual newborn photographer if you have your heart set on the sleeping angel look and book your sitting while you’re pregnant.

Then think about what other ages you’d like to have captured – sitting up, first birthday etc.  I just booked my second session with Melanie for when my baby is sitting (hopefully!) at six months and I know I would like more photos at her first birthday as well.

Do you have any other tips for taking great baby photos?  Let me know below


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