what I do for activity time for 0-6 months

My Experience

I follow the EASY Method  which has been probably the best decision I have made as a mom so far.  With the EASY Method you are told to do ‘activity time’ with your baby after they eat so they don’t associate eating with sleeping.  Regardless if you do the EASY Method or not these activities will work for any baby.


They sleep a lot and it’s often hard to keep them awake.  Anything for them besides sleeping is basically an activity because it’s stimulating.  I would feed first and then change my baby’s diaper (nappy) after and talk to her during the process to keep her awake if it was only the 3-5 minutes it took.

Mid-morning I would take her downstairs and put her in her bouncer chair (lifesaver product) on the kitchen table (I stopped doing this as soon as she got bigger and started moving around 4 months).  On the table she could see what I was doing in the kitchen, watch me sit next to her while I ate or read something, or stared at an orchid that I had on the table.  She loved looking around and of course I still talked to her.

Afternoon we would go for a walk in the pram although it would often put her to sleep so I would time it so she would fall asleep when she was supposed to.

Dinner time she would sit in her bouncer chair again in the kitchen on the floor and watch us cook and then watch us eat at the table while she was still on the floor.

1 – 3 months

Same as above +

Morning we sit on her rocking chair after she feeds and read books.  I also will file her nails and let her look out the window. 10 minutes before it’s her nap time I put her in her crib (cot) and let her see the cloud mobile, play with a musical giraffe and talk to her often while I am cleaning and reorganizing her room.

Mid-morning & dinner time she would sit in her bouncer chair but this time with the toy bar in place that plays music.

Afternoon we would lay her on the play gym and she would look and listen.

3 – 6 months

Same as above +

Her bouncer chair was always on the floor and could change to the color side of the toy bar if you wanted from the black and white.

Mid morning and afternoon we would try tummy time for as long as she would tolerate it usually 5 minutes or less in the beginning.  When she had enough we just rolled her over and let her play with toys.

Afternoon she plays on the play gym and actively touches the hanging toys. And in her crib before it’s nap time she watches her liquid projector.

Toys I introduced for stimulation: stuffed animals, soft chewable books, rattles, crinkle toy, ribbon hand kite, Sophie the giraffe, and a wall projector – they really don’t start actively engaging in toys until they can focus on the object and grab it however that doesn’t mean you don’t need them until then.  I had a few toys on hand from the beginning in my diaper bag and at home to provide stimulation and distraction if we were out.

We noticed that she didn’t want to be on her back anymore around four months so we found a chair for her but it wasn’t delivered till she was five months.  I was going to buy a Bumbo chair but then I read a bunch of articles and reviews how they actually prevent babies from learning how to sit up on their own.   We have an inflatable chair that is like an oversized U-shaped breastfeeding pillow which isn’t tight like the bumbo so she can still lean-to the sides or forward and has to practice moving herself back to where she wants to go.

Baby classes – I started baby yoga at six weeks with her, baby sensory at three months and swimming at five months.  I highly recommend doing some baby classes because it’s get stimulation for your baby but also a great way to get out of the house and meet new moms.

What I use:

BOUNCER CHAIR– I have the Fisher Price Sensory Stages Bouncer which I highly recommend.  It has a vibrate function which will be a must especially during the 6pm-12am witching hour.  It also looks good, is easy to clean and most importantly the toy bar is removable and stimulating – a lot of bouncer chairs have toy bars that are too low, can’t remove and are boring.  This one plays loads of different music that isn’t irritating even after 6 months! and it does a light show while it’s playing.  The black and white side is great for small babies and it has a mirror.

PLAY GYMFischer Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym highly recommend.  It has music that isn’t irritating, lights and removable hanging toys so you can place them where your baby likes best or move them around.  It’s also easy to wipe clean and can collapse easily to lean against a wall.

PROJECTOR– we bought an Opti Aura projector as her Christmas present so she has used it since three months and loves it. It came with a primary color liquid wheel so you make the projection where you want and how big you want and then it’s like a lava lamp on the ceiling.  It’s great because you can set it on a timer and also dim it so it’s not too bright if she is meant to be falling asleep.  It also comes with an app that you can use to remote control the projector.  This also ends up being a godsend at night when she no longer wants to lie on her back for anything – we put this on so we can change her diaper (nappy).

RIBBON HAND KITE– my friend had one of these that was a plastic ring with primary color ribbons – I looked for one myself and instead found a wooden beeswax ring that I could get her named engraved in and I got to pick what color ribbons and in what order here on Etsy.

CRINKLE TOY – this is one of my top buys it’s just a piece of fabric that crinkles and has a bunch of different fabric loops.  I found mine on Etsy and it’s an adorable bright pattern with colorful tags that makes her happy whenever she sees it and it can entertain her longer than any other toy.

PLAYMAT – my mom bought her one and it’s a great size for laying on and playing or tummy time.  It is thick enough that it absorbs spit-up, leaks and drool so it keeps baby more comfortable on the floor and protects your carpet or rug.  Our play mat is from Baby Bella Linens and you can pick out lots of different patterns and colors. She is laying on the play mat in the photo above.

BABY SHEEPSKIN – we bought two of these while I was pregnant and I slept on them to hopefully get my scent on them to make it more relaxing for the baby if she could smell me.  From the beginning we had one in the bassinet of our pram and the other in our Snuzpod (co-sleeper) in our room.  When she started sleeping in her own room I moved the one from the Snuzpod to downstairs next to her play mat to provide different textures while she was on the floor playing.  There are different kinds of sheepskin rugs so make sure you get one specifically for babies we bought these Bowron and they have been the perfect and I have washed them once with no issues they just take a while to dry.

BOOKS – I already had a lot of books from my baby shower but quickly realized that I was getting bored of reading the same ones (we read 2-5 every day) so I ordered a bunch more board books.  I found out that I really like reading the books that rhyme they are fun to read so I bought a bunch of Julia Donaldson books (The Gruffalo) and some other ones from the best books for babies list by Carnegie Library and Mr. Rogers – if you want to learn more about why reading is so important and what other books I recommend read 30 million Words By 3 Years Old

CHAIR– we got this Mama’s and Papa’s inflatable chair to help her interact with the world sitting up before she is able to sit up independently.

BABY SENSORY – I take this baby sensory class which is offered all over the UK, Europe and in some parts of the US.  I highly recommend it my teacher Helen (if you’re in Bucks) is fantastic she’s super enthusiastic, bubbly and friendly with mom’s and babies.


What do you do for activity time?



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