healing powers of breast milk

My Experience

I had no idea how cool and amazing breast milk actually is when I had my baby.

Did you know . . .

During the first few weeks of life, a baby’s immune system is almost entirely dependent on the mother’s breast-milk for immune protection from its environment. Breast-feeding during the first weeks and months of life is now recognized as an important strategy to ensure a healthy balance of good bacteria in an infant’s gut.

You may not be aware that your gut is actually the center of 60-70% of your immune system and may play a crucial role in the development of chronic disease. The gut plays such an important role because it is a primary defense between the “outside” and “inside” worlds. When good bacteria line the gut, they prevent potentially harmful bacteria from lining it instead.

And this amazing fact . . .

A baby’s saliva actually communicates with the mother and literally affects the composition of the milk based on the baby’s unique needs. Read here for more information

And breast milk is anti-bacterial . . .

Breast milk so important in protecting infants from disease in their first months of life. The protein, called lactoferrin, effectively kills bacteria, fungi and even viruses on contact. Read here for more information about how scientists are using breast milk to try to fight superbugs.

I only found out about the healing powers of breast milk from my health visitor when my baby started to have a clogged eye duct.  I read in my book What To Expect the First Year and looked online for answers but the only thing I could find was that you could massage the inner tear duct to help unclog it.  I also found out that a clogged duct could last for a whole year. So naturally I didn’t like to see my baby’s eye weeping and glazed over all the time and I certainly didn’t want it to last for a year as she got it at five weeks.  I tried massaging but that would only clear it up for a few hours or the day and it would return.

So when my health visitor casually suggested I try putting some breast milk in the corner of her eye I was totally taken aback!  I had no idea it had the ability to heal – but because of its antibacterial properties it’s actually fantastic and completely safe and natural!

Since I’ve fed her expressed milk from the first month the next day I just let two drops come out of the bottle in the corner of her eye.  It was amazing because it healed almost instantly and hasn’t come back since!

What I’ve used breast milk for:

clogged eye duct – extra from the bottle

babies or my chapped lips – extra from the bottle

sore and/or cracked nipples – drops left over on my pumping flanges

my c-section incision– drops left over on my pumping flanges


Do you have any other ways you have used breast milk?  Let me know below . . .

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