why I bought Stokke baby gear

My Experience

If you read Decorating My Nursery then you already know I bought the Stokke Sleepi crib and Care Changing Table.  I just wanted a white round crib (cot) and that’s how I found Stokke.  I went to a local store where I live called Back in Action that specializes in everything that is better for your back – I had no idea that Stokke was good for your back or that baby products existed that were designed this way.

The other great thing about Stokke is they have a wide range of baby products including furniture, carriers, prams, bathtubs, high chairs and more.  I don’t own everything Stokke but I can tell you that the brand is excellent – the actual products, packaging, assembly, design they are really made well and are meant to last for a long time.

The furniture is very innovative and grows with your child with extension kits.  The Sleepi turns into two different size beds and then two chairs, the Care Changing Table turns into a desk and the Tripp Trapp high chair grows with your child until adulthood.

If you are interested in Stokke I definitely would advise you go to an independent shop like Back in Action because they will give you the service element – when you buy online you don’t get any service and if something goes wrong with the product the process of contacting brands and manufacturers becomes complicated.  I am so glad that we bought everything from Back in Action because we had really great customer service, they also offer discounted bundles for Stokke (we got the Sleepi with bedding, bumper, and sleep sack and we got the Tripp Trapp with accessories) and you get the most important thing aftercare.  When my Tripp Trapp arrived it had some tiny chips on the top corner – normally I could let this go but because of the cost and the length of usage (forever) I decided that this wasn’t acceptable as it would probably chip more and then I would be really upset.  I contacted Back in Action and sent some photos and they got back to me straight away and dealt with Stokke to get me a replacement side with no issues.  Stokke also has a good warranty so if I have any issues with my products in the future I know that I will be able to contact Back in Action and they will have all of my receipts on file for proof of purchase and will be able to deal with them as a vendor better than I can as an individual.

What I use and recommend:

Sleepi – I didn’t get the mini because I didn’t see the benefit and you have to buy a conversion kit to expand to the Sleepi size so we just started with the Sleepi.  I love this crib (cot) it’s fantastic!  It easily moves around on wheels that you can lock and is beautifully made.  It also comes with a really nice natural mattress (a lot of cribs don’t come with one at all).  I got a package so that got me a bumper, sleep sack, fitted sheets, knit blanket, duvet and waterproof pad.  Some words of advice – make sure you build it in the baby’s room because it doesn’t fit through our door frame and if my husband built it somewhere else then carried it to the baby’s room he would have had to take it all apart and assemble it again.

Care – I can tell you that I had really bad back pain after labor, then with breastfeeding being hunched over and then middle back pain from the extra weight on my chest but I haven’t had any back issues with bending over and picking up my baby from her crib (cot) or lifting her up and down to change her diaper (nappy).  I wasn’t aware of how good I had it until I went to use the diaper changing station in a public bathroom – it was sideways first off where I am used to her facing me and it was much lower.  The sideways bit I found the most challenging because it was awkward, a lot less effective and I can see why people would get back pain because you do have to have the baby lower to see what you’re doing and  when they are sideways your body has to be twisted.  We got a package with our Care that included two fabric bins, plastic side bins, pad, and a pad cover.

Tripp Trapp – I love this high chair because you can get it in a load of different colors, it’s wood and plastic so totally wipeable, it is ergonomically correct for your baby when you adjust the two wooden boards correctly and most importantly it doesn’t come with a tray they sit at the table with you which encourages socialization.  We bought a package for this as well which came with the baby set, tray to mount on your table, harness, and pad.

MyCarrier – another product they make that is supposed to help your back is the MyCarrier which I also have.  What makes it different from other carriers like the Baby Bjorn and the ErgoBaby is that the back of it is like a T-strap sports bra (the others either have nothing on your back or a wide padded belt and maybe a couple of thin straps you can adjust between your shoulder blades.  The MyCarrier not only has this T-strap which is thick and padded – it also has a metal rod that is supposed to help you with weight distribution and posture as well.  So far I have used the MyCarrier once for a 1.5 mile walk and had no back or shoulder pain issues and I will definitely use it again for longer walks and especially at the airport.  It just takes some fiddling with to initially put it together and then get it adjusted to your body and the size of your baby.

If you want to see what my nursery looks like with my Stokke furniture it’s here Decorating My Nursery

Do you have any Stokke baby gear?  Let me know what you think . . .


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