best of what to pack for a day at the beach

My Experience

After spending almost two weeks at the beach I definitely recommend getting a few items specifically for the beach in addition to the ones I recommend for being in the Sun at the pool- Best of What to Pack for a Day at the Pool.

My daughter is really fair and I was worried about her getting burnt badly but luckily she never did.  I managed this by using sunscreen before we went outside, putting her in a UPF swimsuit (with sleeves for longer periods in the sun), wearing a UPF wide brim hat, using s sun shelter and not having her outside for more than two hours really at a time.  Which doesn’t sound like a lot and is certainly not what I am used to going to the beach before baby however once you get up and have breakfast and go or leave after lunch there really only is about two hours by the time you need to feed them again and I found it easier to bring her back to the cottage to feed her meals than try doing that at the beach with sand and crawling.  I did feed her a bottle a once in the sun shelter and that worked.

I also didn’t use a diaper bag while at the beach because I didn’t want to get sand in it but I also knew I wouldn’t need everything because I would only be there a short time.  Instead I used my beach bag to help carry her sunblock, hat, extra swim diapers, wipes, diapers, changing mat, towel and dry change of clothes.  I bought a wet/dry bag for her to hold the dry items and used the wet pocket if I ever needed to take her swim diaper or bathing suit off and store it.

The inflatable we bought for the pool also worked really well in the ocean.  We only went in slighlty past where the waves break so that it would be slightly less rough and she loved going up and down the waves and it helped that she was in the float and not carrying her especially if a wave hit when you weren’t paying atten or was harder than you thought it would be, I just made sure her float went up and over then wave before it would break on me.

The special beach blanket I bought to repel sand was also a blessing.  I bought the larger two person size and placed that in front of her beach shelter so that there was a larger surface area for her to crawl on and she wasn’t covered in sand ever.

You don’t need that many toys because touching the sand, watching and feeling the ocean and watching people are enough stimulation as it is.  We brought a little bucket and a shovel and that was enough between going in the ocean and showing her what sand was like by digging holes and letting the water flow in and showing her how to build things.

422 IMG_9336

What I Used:

ORGANIC BABY SUNBLOCK – Baby Badger SPF 30 and also tried Babyganics SPF 50 – she didn’t burn with either and I was hesitant with using only SPF 30.

UPF SWIMSUIT – got this these both above at the GAP and love them – I already bought some for next summer on clearance.  I survived with two bathing suits and I also brought a neoprene cover to go over swim diapers for extra coverage in the pool sometimes and a long sleeve rash vest if she went out in the pool in the afternoon after she was already in the sun that morning at the beach.

UPF HAT– iPlay, they have loads of colors, they aren’t expensive, it’s supposed to last for next summer, it has an adjustor so you can make it tighter or loser on the head and I have washed mine at least three times and it’s not perfect but it’s good enough especially for the price.

FLOAT/INFLATABLE – we used this a ton in the pool and the ocean and she loved it.  We got ours super cheap from China on Amazon.  I was looking at buying one of the ones that has a sun canopy for extra protection but my husband ordered the one above without me knowing.  In the end it was the better choice because my friend bought the sun canopy one and we took both of them to the pool together.  She never even attached her sun canopy because it was akward and when the babies were both sitting in them hers was really in the water because it’s just a really thin flat float so water would come up to the torso maybe chest depending on the size of the baby – and there was no stimulation on the float.  Whereas our cheap one sat up much higher so that really only her legs and probably diaper were submerged in the water which allowed her to be happier because she could see everything, the sterring wheel was something to chew on and it beeped and her headreast allowed her to fall asleep in it and also squeaked.  So if your baby is really not into water or cold water definitely look at how far their body goes into the water before you buy a float.

SUN/BEACH SHELTER– we got the toddler size and it’s great it folds easily back into the bag, is easy to put up, and withstood the wind on the beach of the outer banks. We bought two so one stays at home and we use it in our yard when it’s sunny and the other stays at the beach. My husband or I could also lay half in it next to her so that we could get some shade on our faces/torso when we wanted.  We bought ours on Amazon but JoJo sells the same one with their branding on it.  Just be careful because I’m pretty sure they sell a smaller baby size and the one above in our photos is the toddler version.

NO SAND BEACH BLANKET – the Lagu beach blanket was amazing and so is their product and website. It’s a beach friendly towel that sand doesn’t stick to and doesn’t contribute to human beach erosion – did you know that we all inadvertently take away cups full of sand in our bags/blankets/shoes every time we visit? It’s from Thailand and it’s only sold on Etsy in the US that I could find. I bought the larger blanket version and used it in front of the beach shelter for her to sit and crawl on and it’s fantastic. It’s soft, not like grass mats, but not soft and cuddly like a towel, and easily rolls up and has a flap to snap around it. We still used beach towels to dry off with but we didn’t put them on the sand we put them on top of the blanket.

Do you have any other great beach suggestions?



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