baby eating solid foods but not sure how much milk or when to ditch the pouch and bottle?

My Experience

If you read Starting Solid Foods, Puree vs. Baby Led Weaning you’ll know that I started solid foods at six months via baby led weaning (solid foods like avocado, banana etc no puree) at dinner.  I introduced porridge for breakfast next and started lunch by seven months.

If you read Why The EASY Method Schedule Is The Best Thing I Did you’ll see that I adapted the last EASY schedule by combing two milk feeds and moving them by themselves instead of right before every meal so that she would have enough appetite to get the hang of eating a meal.

7:30-8:30am – wake and change diaper, brush teeth, 100ml frozen breast milk bottle or 150ml formula, she plays for 10 minutes while I prepare breakfast which is usually porridge with hot water, cereal she can pick off of the tray and banana to switch it up sometimes she has eggs, toast, bacon or other fruit

11:00am – snack bottle 180ml formula

12:30-1:30pm – lunch which can be some Fage full fat greek yogurt with blueberries and strawberries and then she will eat whatever we are eating for lunch

4:00pm – snack bottle formula 180ml or 210ml when giving 100ml at breakfast

6:30-7:00pm – dinner which is whatever we eat

7:00- 7:30pm – bath, brush teeth

7:30 – 8:00pm – get ready for bed, read books and rock to sleep

How Much Milk?

Until one year babies can’t have cow’s milk and they need 500-600ml/day of formula still to maintain proper nutrition.  Because I froze my milk in 100ml bags and have a limited amount I chose to replace my breakfast 150ml formula feed with 100ml of frozen milk which brings her daily total to 490ml which I’m not worried about because she needs to transition to cow’s milk anyway and she doesn’t need that much milk per day anymore.

I am going back to work a week before her first birthday so I am going to start cow’s milk the week before daycare because it’s already going to be a shock and transition I’d like to get that change out-of-the-way beforehand.  Another reason is because it’s a hassle to pack bottles and formula for daycare so if she should be ditching them anyway no time is the better.

At one cow’s milk is introduced and formula/breast milk can be stopped and any milk should be given in a cup starting at this age – so no more bottles and if you have been giving your baby a milk bottle before bed age one is the time to stop because let’s face it we don’t need milk to fall asleep and neither do toddlers.  That’s another reason why I am so glad I do the EASY Method because she has never gone to bed at night with milk.  You can see above that her last milk feed of the day is 4pm.

357 IMG_8834

472 IMG_4952

When To Ditch The Pouch?

By eight months (two months from when we started) we were eating three meals a day successfully with hardly any gagging.   I would use pouches mainly for lunch with yogurt when she was six to eight months because of the convenience . Sometimes for dinner I would give her a pouch especially if we would go out to eat.

We had the good fortune of teeth early at four months. By eight months she had six teeth and now eight at eleven months so biting and tearing have been possible.  We ditched the pouches completely at eight months and since then she only eats what we eat.  If we want to order something that she can’t eat like shell-fish or dishes with nuts then we order her a kid’s meal.  But the majority of the time she eats what we eat and loves it! – Indian vindaloo, Chipotle, jalapeno, tabasco sauce, red chillies, duck, lamb, Thai curry you name it she loves everything and isn’t getting bored eating the same kid food daily.

Babies actually aren’t born with any taste preferences so when they are just learning how to eat and explore food it’s the best time to expose them to as many textures and flavours as possible – don’t default to boring bland kid food! You don’t want to be stuck later with picky eaters that you have to battle every meal with and make them a separate meal!

If you haven’t started solids yet or just started Starting Solid Foods, Puree vs. Baby Led Weaning explains exactly how I transitioned from milk alone to solids, what foods I introduced first, how I started my first meal time and when I introduced fruit.

If you want more info on eating schedules then see what I have done and when since the beginning with Why The EASY Method Schedule Is The Best Thing I Did


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