best of: top 5 baby travel gear items

My Experience

Over the past year we have done short overnight car ride away visits Packing For A Weekend Away In The Car to long distance car journeys How To Do Long Road Trips With A Baby and long haul international flights How To Conquer Long Haul Flying And Jet Lag.

No matter what length of journey or where you go if you leave the house for the day or overnight these are my top baby gear finds and recommendations to make your life easier. All of the products I recommend I personally found, bought and use myself.  Depending on the age of your baby you may need all or some of them.

What I Use


Oxo Tot Travel Drying Rack // $14.99

This is a lifesaver if you use bottles.  It is compact, lightweight and easily has space for two or three bottles and their components to dry, the brush is a normal size and it can fit on a small hotel bathroom countertop.


XSS Mothercare Travel Stroller // £129

So compact it folds into its own shoulder bag, ultra lightweight which makes it easy to carry, small enough to fold and fit down the airplane aisle and fit on the floor under our car seat.  I was able to push it down the aisle on the airplane one handed as I carried other luggage.  We keep this in our car at all times when not traveling and use this as our on-the-go wheels as our pram takes up our whole trunk (boot).  I have no cons about this stroller it really is a lifesaver.


Aqua Inflatable Bathtub Three Positions // £8.95

This is the second inflatable tub we purchased and was the better one of the two.  It was better than the first I mentioned in my other post because it has a backrest which becomes more helpful when your baby can sit-up but may still fall over and it also comes with a removeable seat for when they are younger.  We used this as our exclusive bathtub from five months until she started to crawl over the side and stand then we started using the regular tub alone.  However if we were to go on a trip again we would still use this bathtub as we know there are no harsh chemicals in it (unlike hotel baths) and not all hotels have a bath so ensures bath time is easy.  It also saves on water usage since it takes a lot less water to fill it than a normal size bath tub.

357 IMG_8834

JJ Rabbit Placemat // $9.99 // Modern Twist Bucket Bib // $20.00

This placemat is used more like a plate whenever we go out to eat which is often.  It sticks to most surfaces and allows us to place food on the placemat for her to feed herself.  The food stays clean on the mat, we don’t stain tablecloths or ruin tables, and it’s super easy to clean.  We just wipe and then take to the bathroom to rinse and then hang off the pram from the handy hole in the corner to dry.  It’s super lightweight and it’s made from plants not chemical plastic.  We don’t ever leave the house without it!

Bucket bib is a must for collecting food that would otherwise end up on her lap and staining her clothes.  It doesn’t catch all the food of course but it does catch most and you can empty it out with a paper towel mid feed or dump it back on the placemat to avoid it being emptied out on a head or lap on purpose.  It’s made from food grade silicone so again no harmful chemicals and it has a lovely feel to it.  It’s also super lightweight and unlike some other bucket bibs – it rolls up completely so it also takes up no space.  We don’t ever leave the house without it either!

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