hi there . . .

I’m an older millennial mom of a happy baby girl Scarlet born September 2015 – those are my pregnancy and new mom credentials.  I have spent thousands of hours with babies and kids from being the oldest of three, having loads of cousins (it’s up to 36 on my mom’s side now!), babysitting basically every weekend from 13 – 18 and being a full-time nanny during the summers.

Here are my ‘academic’ and ‘worldly’ credentials – i.e. why you might want to read what I have to say.

Academics – I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and attended Penn State University earned a BA Advertising. I also have my MA in Creative Account/Brand Planning (advertising industry) from Bucks New Uni here in the UK.  I’m currently on maternity leave hence I have the time (sort of) to write.  Since I was young I have always been super organized with everything – visually in my eyesight, spatially -things in my head, and how to approach making decisions.  No I’m not anal retentive or super restrictive, I feel that it is more of a free flowing creative process.  I believe that certain people are born with brains that operate like mine and they are people that usually work with me as account/brand planners.  We have a passion and curiosity for people and life that drives us to search for patterns, meanings, symbols and we try to make sense of the information we discover or uncover.  This is both a blessing (I feel confident in most of my decisions or recommendations) and possibly a curse (I have sooo much information in my head I need to get it out but don’t want to just discard it hence why I am sitting here writing this now).

Worldly – I met my now husband eight years ago online and we lived for three years in Sydney, Australia before returning to the UK where we currently live outside of London in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. In addition to being a new mom I’m also a new mom out of my comfort zone in a different country.  Basically I can talk about baby stuff from different countries.

Why Blog When There is So Much Information Already Out There?

Being a natural researcher and planner means that I need to make sure that I am the most informed I can be when it comes time to make a decision so that I feel confident in my choices.  This translates into me having spent hundreds of hours Googling and researching anything and everything on pregnancy, giving birth and babies. While searching for information or answers I quickly learned sometimes there isn’t much or any information for some questions.   In my searching I did find some very useful websites that I still use but even good ones really only cover one main topic like breastfeeding or they are more ‘a-day-in-the-life-of’ blogs which are interesting to read but often leave you thinking -okay so now what do I do with that information?

I am hoping that through my experiences and research I can help others who are searching for answers to mentally and physically prepare themselves from the mundane which bouncy chair should I buy to the big stuff like what happens if I have to have a c-section and everything else in-between.