my bathing & grooming routine

My Experience

Bath time

My baby has loved taking a bath since the second time she had one.  The first one we gave her on day seven because she still had dried blood in her hair and used Honest Co Shampoo and Body Wash.  For the first two months we bathed her every other day or every couple of days with just water after that and only occasionally using the body wash.

At four months we started to give her a bath every night and incorporate it into her EASY method routine.   She absolutely loves her bath and even cries when we pull her out to early!

What makes bath time even easier and more fun is the bath tub that we bought.  I actually brought it all the way from the US in my suitcase and it survived 🙂 When I picked it out I thought it was just like any other tub but I was wrong.

What I Use:

Bath Tub – fisher price whale it’s great because it is inclined so you don’t have to hold them and has a removable seat.  We took the seat off when she was four months and now she’s like a frog bending her legs and going down in the deep end and pushing off the bottom.  She splashes everywhere and gets her face wet.  We transitioned her to an inflatable tub when she could sit-up at six months and that was great for home and traveling because you use less water like the bath above and it deflates easily for packing.  Once she became too mobile with crawling and pulling up we started using the regular bath tub at ten months with a non-slip suction pad on the bottom

Elbow Pad – skip hop so you can lean on the tub without hurting yourself

Knee Pad – so you can kneel next to the tub without hurting your knees

Hooded Towels – we have five some fleece and some cotton I prefer the cotton because they feel nicer especially when your hands are dry where the fleece feels horrible on dry hands.  Watch out some small and only fit until three months

Wash Cloths – these are great to put on their chest to keep them warm because the water doesn’t always cover them

Shampoo/body wash – Honest Co because I want something gentle but also with less chemicals

Finger nails and combing hair if your baby has any yet is probably the only grooming you’ll need to do for the first six months.  I bought a grooming kit with nail clippers, a baby nail file, comb, brush etc.  I’m afraid to use the clippers because she’s so small and I don’t want to clip too low so I used the baby nail file which was actually awkward and not as easy as I thought.  Some people bite their finger nails but I don’t want to do that either because you can’t see what you are doing and could tear them lower where it hurts.

So then I remembered that I had a mini regular nail file like they use at the nail salons so I thought I would try that.  And it works brilliantly! I don’t ever wait until she’s sleeping – I actually sit her on my lap on the rocking chair and she watches me without squirming.


My baby just turned one this week and some things naturally change with age.

After she started to stand and cruise bath time in the inflatable bath became more difficult.  We decided to start using the normal bathtub instead.  To make it safer we have a Skiphop Whale rubber tub mat that suctions to the bottom to help prevent slipping which is very useful.  After she is done bathing we remove it and stick it to the wall to help prevent bacteria growing on the mat.

We still use the same products as above and stick to using soap twice a week unless she’s really dirty.

Do you have any bathing or grooming tips or hacks?  Let me know below . . .


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