my top baby clothes picks and what to avoid buying

My Experience

We chose not to find out the sex until our baby was born.  Naturally I got clothes from people at my baby shower but I also felt like I needed to buy a lot more gender neutral stuff.  I’m pretty good at planning things out and thinking things through but for some reason while I was surrounded by all these super cute baby clothes I couldn’t restrain myself.  Not only did I buy too much 0-3 months read Newborn Clothes What You Actually Need  but I also started thinking I’ll just buy some things in the next size as well.  So I brought back an entire suitcase full of baby stuff mainly clothes from the US in 0-3 and 3-6 months sizes.

I shouldn’t have bought beyond 3-6 months while I was pregnant for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t know the gender of the baby yet so I technically didn’t need to buy 3-6 months till after the baby was born
  2. when you are in the store and just grabbing the next size in something super cute that you think will look cuter on a chubby baby then a newborn you aren’t counting out months in your head or thinking about seasons.  It’s not just me who did this clothes that other people have bought us have also been the wrong season for the size.  So my super cute anchor onesie and nautical clothes for the beach are in fact only going to fit her from March – June which isn’t ideal.
  3. I had too many outfits

In order to ensure you will have your baby wear what they have I put all the different sizes in individual plastic zipper bags (plastic bags that my pillows came in) and put what she can wear now in one big drawer of her dresser see Decorating Your Nursery to see my dresser and the next size in the drawer below and hid the other plastic zip bags.  I also made myself a rule – if it all can’t fit in one drawer then it’s too much for her to wear enough times to make it worth it and I can’t buy anything unless she can wear it for two months or longer.

So it’s not just buying clothes in the wrong season but getting the right pieces that will make your life easier.  My baby was born in September so for us 0-3 months was Fall and 3-6 months is winter.  We found out that all of these super cute knit jackets with hoods and ears look cute but are a nightmare to put on over anything other than a short-sleeve shirt which when it’s cold out is not what you’d be dressing your baby in.  We also had snow suits (pram suits) to put on over her clothes when it’s really cold out as well.  But again these were fidgety and difficult with the arms and legs, hard to zip, and usually too hot to put her in if you were only going to take it off again soon indoors somewhere.  I think these are most useful if you are outside for an extended period of time with no blankets like in a baby carrier.

So my other top tip I have found out is when you have your baby and you have the right mindset to count out the months and think about the seasons then buy buy buy on sale!  Today she’s five months but I already have a stockpile full of clothes for her for every size up to three years!  Why??  Am I crazy well maybe.  But I know that she is in the 50% weight percentile or less so she should be wearing the next size when the label says.  The Gap has been the best store by far for quality, cuteness factor and price.  I have bought loads of items on clearance and full-price when they have a massive sale where you get 30% or 40% off.  I just bought a mix of clearance and sale pieces here in the UK for £271 and I bought 29 items!!


Gap 0-6 month puffer vest (gilet).  It’s got a fleece lining, can zip up for more warmth and the best thing is that it’s easy to put on and take off with anything underneath.  I will be buying one of these next fall when she’s one that’s how convenient it is.

I just bought her another Gap puffer vest in 12-18 months because of how convenient they were before and they have the cutest styles.


Jean shorts and cotton stretchy shorts.  Shorts and a t-shirt are a must for the summer months.  They are cooler than wearing a onesie and shorts and more comfortable for them.  Crawling in shorts is infinitely easier and safer than wearing a skirt or a dress that gets caught on their feet or they crawl into it.  If they are eating solid foods jean shorts are durable and tend to not stain easily.

If the weather is warmer but your baby still needs to wear a onesie under-layer then Bonds onesies in a tank top version are my best pick.  They are an Australian brand so they are made in a lighter cotton that makes layering easier without overheating.


Converse All-Star socks 0-6 months they make any outfit boys or girls cuter although they are best used 3-6 months when they are wearing jeans and other outfits instead of bodysuits.  The socks come in white and blue for boys as well but get them early or you’ll miss out – as soon as they are 6 months you’ll need to buy the proper baby Converse crib shoes and then you can buy the real ones with rubber soles.

Headbands – I buy all mine on Etsy as they have a great selection.  Just make sure you start early, like at one month, or else they will never keep them on their head.

Shoes – I have bought a lot of clearance shoes in much larger sizes because I know at some stage she will wear that size and I would never spend what they cost full-price but 50% off for sure.


I would definitely look to buy the more expensive items on clearance like winter coats – I got hers for £29 when it’s originally £50 ($79 US) something which is expensive for baby clothes.  I also recommend buying shoes and other staples like jeans and overalls which go with anything and are also expensive full price. All these I got from the Gap


If you’re baby is not walking during spring summer avoid buying socks and shoes – they will never wear them!  It’s too hot and did you know that baby’s feet are 2x more sweaty than ours are??  And they learn about the world with their feet too, so stop covering their feet with socks!  If they aren’t walking yet then shoes won’t be necessary however my baby was starting to stand and cruise so my best summer footwear purchase were rubber flip-flops from the Gap.  They have an adjustable ankle strap, rubber sole (not crib shoes) and allowed her feet to be cool while still having them covered for safety when she wanted to stand in restaurants or other areas that aren’t safe or hygienic to walk barefoot.

Onesie undershirts, I bought the Bonds ones that I love in 6-12 months but she has barely worn them.  We got good use out of them from March to April but it hasn’t been cold enough during the other months to put one on under her clothes so don’t buy too many of these for the summer months or try to use yours from the size before as long as you can.

Dresses, avoid buying these no matter how cute they are.  Dresses before they can sit up look silly and once they start crawling are a nightmare.  They are really only cute from 3-6 months or before your baby starts crawling.  Dresses and crawling don’t mix and are actually quite dangerous.  As they crawl they crawl into the dress and get stuck or as my baby does she crawls on her hands and toes like a crab but then steps on the dress and trips.  The only time I used cute dresses were for her six month and one year photographs.

Do you have any must-have cute clothes or buy out-of-season suggestions?  Let me know below. . .


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