my diaper changing routine & butt shield technique

My Experience

Changing diapers can be challenging especially when they are newborns.  They often get stimulated when you are changing them so they will pee or poo so watch out!  My baby would poop 80% of the time when we changed her so we had to open her diaper and allow the cool air to stimulate her while holding it as a barrier to block what was coming next.  Unfortunately this didn’t always work, we let our guard down or she moved causing her to projectile poop four and six feet across the room onto her new wool rug (read Decorating My Nursery – she pooped all the way to the rocking chair! ). After a month or so she lost the sensation to go again and when that ceased so did the projectiles.

However she still has really poopy diapers and has leaked occasionally, the leaking often due to human error – waited to long to change her and the diaper was already full of pee so couldn’t absorb the liquid poop or the other really big one is if you don’t make sure the diaper is properly on.  What I mean by this is that once you put it on you need to make sure that the material around her legs is flared out properly and not tucked inside itself.  Our diapers have two elastic gatherings or flares that you need to stick your hand inside and make sure they are not crumpled up or facing inside otherwise they can’t block anything well if they aren’t actually pulled out and hugging her legs.

How I Coped

I had to organize her room and create a method.  I make sure that I have a sack opened and ready for the dirty one and the new clean one opened before I start to remove the dirty one on her.  Once I have cleaned her with cotton and water (we only use cotton and water because babies skin is so sensitive  – no wipes with chemicals) I place an organic cotton reusable wipe over her bum and hold it there while I make the switch – aka my butt shield. The wipe is also important because it blocks any poop or pee that has happened occasionally and dries her to help prevent diaper rash.   

What I use:

Changing table – have 2 covers BUT still put her on top on a waterproof changing pad because its much easier to ruin and wash those daily then change the cover.  Some days I have used 3!  They have them at babies r us and come in different sizes and packs of 3 – I have a small pack of 3 I use on her changing table & bought a pack of 2 specifically for the pack n play changer.

Diapers – I use organic bio-degradable Beaming Baby diapers so that there are no chemicals like bleach etc touching her sensitive skin.  I went through 160 in the first month and buy them in bulk.

Wipes – I was told to only use water and cotton balls the first six weeks since their skin is much thinner than ours.  I have a bowel on the table for water and one for cotton & it works well and is prob a lot cheaper than wipes.  (we use wipes in the diaper bag though).  If you still want wipes then they have “water wipes” which are 99% water which you could use instead of the cotton until you switch to reg wipes.  We won’t switch to wipes full-time until she’s eating solids at six months and her bowels change.

Bottom Spray – I use Honest Co Soothing Bottom Spray as soon as you open the diaper because it is cleansing & natural but also is supposed to save you from using a lot more cotton or wipes to clean up.  Because it’s only available in the US I brought it over and loved it using it every time so now I have to ration it for poopy diapers only.  If I could easily get it though I would use one spray for pee and two for a poopie diaper.

Rash Cream – I use Honest Co Healing Balm as a barrier cream every time when no redness & if redness starts then I use Butt Paste – both work really well.  You will need 3 of everything – 1 for changing table, 1 for your pack n play changing mat & 1 for your diaper bag 🙂

Dry cloth wipes – Because moisture is what causes diaper rash I bought 10 organic cotton washable wipes which I use once her bum is clean to pat it dry but also cover it while I move the dirty diaper away and the clean one under to prevent her from peeing/pooping on me which has happened!

Diaper sacks – definitely would get these to put the dirty diapers in we use 2 or 3 to a sack and are a must for your diaper bag when out as they make cleaning up much easier while you are in the midst of changing.

Diaper trash can – we didn’t get a pail thing & I’m really glad we didn’t.  It’s a waste of money to buy all those cartridges and breastfeed babies diapers don’t smell.  We just have a small trash can that we put the tied sacks into.

Changing table accessories – I have 2 mesh bags on either side that snap onto a bar on mine which are really useful for holding extra diapers & cotton.  If you don’t have storage with your table I def would get something like a caddy to organize your diapers, wipes/cotton, creams, sacks etc


Let me know if the buttshield works for you!


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