my less work laundry routine

My Experience

For someone so small they create a lot more work!  To try and stay on top of the baby stuff I wanted to let you know what my strategy is for tackling and staying on top of laundry.

To start I wash everything before I let my baby touch it or wear it so that I know her sensitive skin doesn’t come in contact with any chemicals that may be on the fabric.  I use Ecover Zero because it is made from plant-based materials and has no fragrance but best of all it works as well as my regular laundry detergent.  I also got rid of the fabric softener beforehand because that’s just more chemicals you’re adding to the clothes and traded in my stain stick for Ecover as well to again get rid of the chemicals.

I typically do laundry every other day or every two days depending on if she’s leaked a bunch of times or puked a lot and we’ve gone through a lot more than normal.  So if it’s a necessary immediate load it’s usually because I have run out of onesie’s, burp cloths or changing mats.

How I Cope

I decided that it would be much easier to have a laundry basket in the baby room just for baby stuff which actually is so much easier because – you can throw her clothes in right away from the changing table, I can instantly see how much laundry has accumulated, and if I’ve run out of something I don’t have to empty and separate the family laundry to find what I need.

If she’s really poopy – what we call a sink job we take her into the bathroom and peel her clothes off in the bathtub.  I keep a bucket under the sink and my stain remover in the bathroom as well so that I can immediately rinse her poopy clothes in the sink , use the stain remover and then put them in the bucket to soak until I do the next load of laundry.

Laundry mesh bags are important if you have items like bibs with velcro – the velcro will stick to other clothes and sometimes snag or ruin them.  I put my velcro items and tiny socks into mesh bags and keep them in there in the dryer as well.

What I use:

  • Ecover Zero detergent – great for baby’s sensitive skin it’s plant-based and fragrance free
  • Ecover stain remover – also plant-based
  • Laundry basket – mesh pop-up basket that I got from Bed Bath & Beyond it’s great because it’s light to carry up and down the stairs and easy to see how much laundry has collected because it’s sheer
  • Bucket – just a simple small plastic bucket I got my from Lakeland in the UK, the handle makes it easy to carry to the washing machine and then heave-ho the poopy clothes into the washing machine front loader without touching anything
  • Mesh laundry bags – or lingerie bags in various sizes I got mine from TJ Maxx



My baby just turned one this week and some things naturally change with age.

Laundry changes with age.  In the beginning you are washing a lot of spit-up cloths and bibs with occasional clothes when an explosion happens.  As your baby gets older and starts eating solid foods they spit-up a lot less so you hardly go through spit-up clothes at all anymore however you start having stains on clothes.  Food stains are often hard to get rid of and are disappointing when you can’t get them out -especially when its a shirt you love or you’re saving clothes for a second baby.  I try to put stain remover on clothes immediately but that doesn’t always work out because life happens and you forget or your partner changes them and never tells you that they got something all over the outfit they were wearing so you don’t find out till to late.

The other thing that has happened to me was that when I was vigilant with wetting and using a stain stick and placing items in my bucket in the bathroom that I either forgot to wash the items once or didn’t have enough dirty clothes to make a load so left them.  Well after a few days, maybe a week, I noticed that they actually started to grow mold!!  I tried to wash the items twice and still the mold was there so I ended up having to throw away the moldy clothes and learned never to do that again.

When I put clothes in the laundry I make sure that everything is turned inside out before washing so that gives me the chance to inspect most items and use a stain stick if necessary.  If I missed something then when I am placing items in the dryer I turn items back to normal and inspect the fronts to see if I missed anything or to inspect stains that I already knew about.  If there is still a stain after washing I never put it in the dryer and instead it goes on the drying rack so the dryer doesn’t set the stain.  Then I have the ability to have her wear it again and use the stain stick for the next wash as I remember then what items I need to focus on.

The other thing I have discovered for tackling laundry in general is DELAY MODE.  I had never used or thought to use this until I saw my friend doing it when we stayed at her house.  So when I have many loads to do I will put one in the washing machine at night while I am remembering and put the detergent in but set it to finish when I wake up!  That way I prevent my clean clothes from getting that horrible smell, remember I have a load to take out because I can hear it on and I feel so productive because I’ve got a load in the dryer in the first 30min that I’m awake 🙂

Do you have any laundry tips or hacks?  Let me know below . . .


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