newborn clothes, what you actually need & will use

My Experience

Scarlet was born 8lbs 3oz and only wore newborn clothes for 3 weeks then we went to clothes for up to 1 month from Mothercare and those lasted another 2-3 weeks.  After that we transitioned to the 0-3 month clothes I had brought over from the US from Carters.

Between my baby shower in the US and me stocking up before I cam back to the UK I had too many things.  Realistically I only needed white onesies to wear underneath and daytime and nighttime bodysuits.  If I would have only had 5 nighttime bodysuits and 10 daytime bodysuits that would have been plenty.  I rarely needed to change her clothes multiple times a day and I only did laundry every other day or every two.  When you actually think it through she only got to wear 0-3 month clothes for 2 1/2 months or less so if you have more than 10 day outfits chances are you’ll only use them 2-3 times before they grow out of them.  I found out I had way too many clothes/outfits when you look at what you have and then mix and match to create new outfits it was just overwhelming trying to wear everything.  So I decided that my clothing rule would be this: only enough clothes to fit in one of my dresser drawers and she had to be able to wear something for two months or more to make it worth it.  See Decorating My Nursery to see my dresser – it has small drawers on the top where I put headbands, socks, shoes, leg warmers, hats the big drawer down is the drawer with all of the clothes that she can wear for the current three-month time frame excluding pj’s and white onesies which I hang on the side of her crib (cot) since we use them daily.  The big drawer below is for the next three month sizing so I know instantly how much I already have and what else I may need to buy or to tell other people what size and season if they want to buy her something.  The next two sizes after that are in a plastic zip bags (a pillow came in it) and underneath my dresser and changing table.  At all times I know exactly how much I have and keeping the sizes together and separated ensures that I don’t miss out on wearing anything and keeps the confusion down when you know everything in front of you if for her to wear now.  It also helps when someone else has to dress her because it’s just what’s in the drawer and that’s it!

If I could have found them here I would have bought the long sleeve onesies that snap on the side (kimono style) for newborns because these are easier to put on and take off when you still have the umbilical cord stump – there’s less chance of getting it caught on the clothes.

So I definitely wouldn’t buy newborn pants again because they are harder to take off, you have to wear socks with them which keep falling off and pants with a onesie just doesn’t look that cute when they are so small and skinny.

I also would skip the socks till 3 months especially the fluffy white ones those are the worst they never stay on at all.  And hats she hated or they were too big and they only need to wear them outside when it’s cold.  Scratch mitts never stayed on – the bodysuits with the  integral fold-over mitts (just a cuff you can turn over their hand) are much better and easier to use.

How I Managed:

Instead I survived only on – daytime bodysuits (baby grow UK) from Carters, Mothercare and Next with a sleeveless white onesie (vest UK).  Night time – sleep-sacks were too big and nightgowns I found to be a pain to put on and take off so she only slept in long sleeve onesies (bodysuit UK) because she wanted to be touching us  – so we regulated her body temp.  The onesie also made it a lot easier to change diapers in the middle of the night.

What I use(d):

  • Plain sleeveless onesie (vest) – pack of 5 white to wear underneath to provide extra warmth and leakage absorption
  • Plain long sleeve onesie (babygrow) – pack of 5 white to wear to bed alone or under a sleep sack when she got to 1 month also provides extra warmth and leakage absorption
  • Colored/print long sleeve onesie – I had too many of these as well which were meant to be worn with pants.When I did put her in one of these during the day I still put a sleeveless onesie underneath with pants and socks for added warmth.  They only other way I used these was to replace the pants and socks for baby leg warmers.
  • Colored/print short sleeve onesie (babygrow) – I had too many of these in colors with designs which were meant to be worn with cute pants.  When I did put her in one of these during the day I still put a sleeveless onesie underneath with pants and socks for added warmth. They only other way I used these was to replace the pants and socks for baby leg warmers.
  • Daytime bodysuit – I think small babies look the cutest in these and when they get to be 4-5 months they no longer look as cute they just look they are wearing pj’s during the day.  I had too many of these but definitely recommend five.
  • Socks – the ones that stayed on more than any others were from Gymboree because they were a really thick material on the whole sock with spandex blend and folded over to add more staying power look for the ones that say this in the description “Cotton/nylon/spandex. Set of two. Elasticized cuff. Reinforced toe. Textured logo grips. Machine wash. Collection Name: Newborn Essentials.” The ones in the photo are the kind I have that stay on better than anything else.
  • Bibs – 4 -6 newborn/ small size
  • Spit-up cloths – 6 and then 12 muslin cloths which are ideal and super absorbent – she has one with her at all times and they are much better then the long thin over-the-shoulder ones especially when you don’t carry your baby over your shoulder
  • Blankets
    • 1 really nice chunky knit blanket that I use in my stroller (pram) only so it never gets puke or anything else on it and looks really nice
    • 1 minky fleece blanket that is pretty to use on top of her lap only in her carseat or with the chunky blanket in her stroller for cold weather
    • 1 texted fleece blanket from Carters with ducks which she always lies on when napping in her crib (cot) 
    • 2 light fleece blankets to wrap her in or lay her on the floor
    • 4 heavy cotton blankets which I will use to replace the fleece ones when the weather changes
    • 1 pretty knit blanket and quilted duvet which came in the Stokke crib package we purchased


Was this helpful?  Do you think you need anything else?  Let me know below. . .


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