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I’ve mentioned before that my daughter broke her first tooth at four months so we have experienced the teething for over three months now.  We have used all the usual teethers like the rubber keys and other Nuk products like the insect ring but she hasn’t really liked using any of them for long, they don’t fit in her mouth well or she just waves them around like a toy.

This teeter from Brush Baby is AMAZING!

teether 6

See how easy it fits in her small hands and you can see the finger grips below – the handle is a rubbery plastic so it can be chewed as well.

teething 5

She knows exactly what to do with it too – above she has it on the right side and below she has moved it across her gums to the left making it work on the parts of her gums that hurt instead of a teether that she can’t really control where the contact hits.

teething 3


teething 4

brush baby teether comes with my first toothbrush £6.95// – it comes in a pack with a my first toothbrush with an angled head which is easy than traditional toothbrushes.

This is by far the best teether!  She absolutely loves it and gets super excited when she sees it.  It’s easy to hold in her little hands and has finger grips, she can chew it on the flexible bristles and the heart handle.  She knows how to rub it on her gums by chewing and will move it around her gums where she needs it.

This is her concentrating face because she’s really rubbing her gums against the bristles so it makes a squeaky noise.

If your baby started teething already or they aren’t ready for that stage yet I’d recommend buying this teether and toothbrush set immediately to have on hand when it’s time to use it because it will be a godsend!  I love it so much I’ve told all my mom friends to get one and will be buying them for my friends back in the US with small babies.

You can read more about Teething & Brushing Tiny Teeth

Once she started getting multiple teeth at a time in different places in her mouth we also started using the Brush Baby Chewable Toothbrush as a teether.  Even though the package says it’s not until 10 months we started using ours at six months with no issue.


This teether is different than the one above because it is a more gummy rubbery plastic and has loads of little bristles on the inside.  It’s like a mouth guard for teething and a great mechanism for applying teething gel.


I use this teether during the day attached to a drool bib like below (it’s hard to see because it’s clear and looks dirty because I applied teething gel to it before I took the photo).  At night when my she is in pain I tie it to the same clip below and attach it to the body pillow I have in her crib.  That way she can use it to help her fall asleep and it is on a short leash to prevent her choking or swallowing it.



She likes chewing on both ends of the teether as you can see 🙂

We also use Brush Baby Toothpaste for teething.  I have no idea whether or not this actually works regarding reducing teething pain – but what product do you know works when it comes to teething.  Basically nothing you just try things and hope for the best.  Anyway my baby loves the flavour of the toothpaste and it is made with and without nasties that you don’t want to be putting into such a small body so soon.



She absolutely loves her toothbrush – it really makes brushing more fun.


For more info about when and why to start brushing your baby’s teeth you can read  Teething and Brushing Tiny Teeth


disclaimer – Brush Baby sent me this teether and toothbrush set and chewable toothbrush after they saw my post Teething and Brushing Tiny Teeth  However my review is completely unbiased and all my own opinions and my baby’s actual reactions!

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