This is how I prepared before birth and what actually happened during my birth.  Everyone has a different experience and every baby has a unique way of entering the world but it’s good to know what happens to others so you know what decisions you would want to make if you are faced with the same issues.

packing your hospital bag

My Experience I tried unsuccessfully to have a home-birth so luckily I already had researched what I needed to pack to bring to the hospital. Now I, probably like you, thought I was going to have a straight forward normal vaginal birth with a little tearing.  So for myself I wanted to know what I … Continue reading packing your hospital bag

why I hired a doula

My Experience I’m an American living with my English husband in the UK.  My husband unfortunately has no family to rely on or help us because his mom died when he was 17 and his dad passed right before we got married – they were both only children.  He has two older brothers but one … Continue reading why I hired a doula