how I try to prevent saggy boobs

My Experience

Saggy boobs who wants these?  Apparently no one but loads of women get them in life regardless of having children or not.  It all comes down to gravity’s pull and whether or not yours are properly supported along with whether or not you smoke, if you don’t drink enough water, if you gain or lose weight to quickly and your diet.  After all our boobs are not muscles they are just connective tissue with a ligament that holds them up.  Even running or any movement that consistently makes yours bounce up and down stretches your ligaments over time.

When you research how to prevent saggy boobs from breastfeeding you basically find out that it’s not the breastfeeding that does it it’s the pregnancy weight gain – and with pregnancy it’s not just the sagging you have to avoid it’s also the deflation.  So yet another reason to not gain more than the recommended 25-35lbs during pregnancy.  The only thing I can find to help try to prevent saggy boobs from breastfeeding is to start preventive measures while you are actually breastfeeding.  I am in the middle of breastfeeding myself so I can’t claim this information works all I am saying is this is the only thing I can find to even try – eat a diet rich in saturated animal fats like butter, chicken, pork and eggs.   I’m not going to get into it because you can read the link but basically to me again it comes down to science – you produce milk at the end of pregnancy whether or not you ever even breastfeed once your breast tissue has changed and made room for the milk ducts etc.  When the milk ducts etc go away it needs to be replaced with something else – breasts are fatty they need fat cells so logically it makes sense to eat more fatty healthy foods like above to hopefully replace the dwindling milk producing breast tissue.  Therefore I now at 4 months try to eat eggs a couple of times a week, use real butter and have chicken – but I’m not obsessing about it.

So it’s not just your diet but also how quickly you stop breastfeeding if you did in fact start.  You can’t just go cold turkey one day because it probably will be really painful but more importantly you need to do it slowly so you have less chance of your skin being stretched/saggy from losing the fullness/weight to rapidly but also to give your body a chance to gradually start replacing your milk ducts etc with the fatty tissue that it had before you became pregnant.  When I start weaning myself from the breast pump (yes I exclusively pump) I will do so gradually months before I want to be completely done.  I found this advice and other about weaning from this awesome blog.

What I did/do: 

Don’t gain a lot of weight – the recommended weight gain is 25-35lbs if you aren’t already overweight.  I gained around 30lbs and was able to wear my own skinny jeans again after 6 weeks and only had 5lbs left to lose without doing anything differently or trying to lose weight.

Wear supportive bras during pregnancy – they say nothing too tight as it’s bad for your breast tissue but you don’t want to be flying solo – believe me it’s not a good look no matter how comfortable you feel. I still wore my regular underwire bars until the end even though many people say underwire is bad for your breast tissue which may impair breast milk production.  I thought this was just nonsense so I made my own decision to ignore this advice but that is entirely a decision you need to make on your own.

Wear supportive bras while breastfeeding – I wear underwire nursing bras everyday from Destination Maternity (I have the exact bra above) and I used their online fitting guide to find my new size which worked well.  I told my mom what I wanted in what size and she brought two bras over in her suitcase. I know I am getting the best support with the added weight of the milk to hopefully prevent some sagging.

Wear a bra at night – I know this sounds totally crazy and restrictive I was so anti bra at night but I had to convert it was just too uncomfortable without one. I bought two sleeping maternity bras (exact one in the photo) which are super comfortable you don’t realize you are wearing a bra.  They are also much easier to feed in the middle of the night then using a bra with clips which is fidgety.

Clarisonic Mia2 – I use this on my face then my chest, boobs, and stomach to help exfoliate my skin to aid in absorption of my lotion as well. Read All Stretch Marks Are Not Created Equal for more of my skin care routine

CeraVe Intensive Stretch Mark Cream – I use this on my chest, boobs, and stomach after my shower to help improve my skin at a cellular level.  Read more about CeraVe and why I use it here.

Diet – try to eat eggs, butter, chicken and pork all at least once a week and foods that have fat like real butter and no more skim milk – who knows if this works but I can’t say I didn’t try!

Stopping breastfeeding – read My Formula & Frozen Milk Strategy to know how I am gradually dropping feeds.


Do you have any tips on how to try and prevent saggy boobs?  Let me know below . . .


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