banishing chemicals for baby

My Experience

Before I got pregnant I had already started thinking about what I put into my body which lead me to start eating organic dairy and meat and try with fruit and veg.  I realize that I don’t want my body to absorb all the antibiotics and chemicals that are pumped into farm animals these days.  Eating organic isn’t a fad or hype that is going to go away – but I’m not here to convince you if you’re smart enough you’ll already know this if not maybe you should take a look at this TED talk about food in the US and do some of your own research.

Once I understood my stance on food and had a new food philosophy I started wondering about chemicals that I put onto my body and are absorbed.  So then I went through all of my skin care products, make-up, body wash, shampoo etc to re-evaluate what I was using.  I again used beautypedia the online beauty encyclopedia that tells you what is actually in products, whether there are any irritants and how effective they actually are. I highly recommend you do the same it’s very enlightening and relief in a way.  Once I had thrown away everything that I wasn’t going to use I started a strategy to find products to replace them that were better for my body.

The beauty of this is that I am now streamlined in the products I need but I also no longer have to try new things or wonder if I am using the right things.  I have eliminated the time wasted thinking about this!  I know that when my Aveeno body wash, or my Swell shampoo and conditioner run out I just replace them – no looking for sales, coupons, shiny packing that might tempt me.  More importantly I know that I am not absorbing all kinds of chemicals into my skin daily that can build-up.

So I was pretty happy with my new lifestyle choices and feeling good about absorbing less chemicals with things I have direct control over.  Until I got pregnant then I started thinking about other things.

It all started when I found out that I needed to wash all my baby clothes first and many recommended using a baby laundry detergent.  Well that doesn’t exist here in the UK or like in the US there is one but it’s actually not the best thing to use for your baby’s delicate hypersensitive skin.  So I started researching and found Ecover which I had heard about before and seen their products alongside Method which I had bought on and off.  But then I read about laundry detergents and found out about Ecover Zero  it’s much better for people with sensitive skin and allergens (approved by the British Allergy Foundation) but much harder to find this product range on-shelf.  So I bought this detergent to wash the baby clothes in before she was born.  But then that got me thinking why should I only use this for baby clothes?  Surely if I still use my normal detergent on our clothes there will still be residue from it in the washing machine.  So that’s when I made the complete switch to Ecover Zero Non Bio Laundry Liquid.

But then I started to think about other household cleaners that I use and the chemicals in them – kitchen, bathroom, multi-purpose cleaners, dish soap and detergent as well.  All of these leave traces of chemicals on surfaces that your skin can absorb like when you take a bath or use your silverware or glasses from the dishwasher.  This is especially important when you start solids – your baby’s skin is often touching the high chair and all their food is touching the high chair tray so why would you want to use chemical cleaners that are going to be absorbed into their skin and food?

So I decided to take a chemical free home cleaning philosophy as well and got rid of all the normal products under the sink (yes I still have the odd chemical cleaner and one with bleach hidden away for something that truly needs it).

What I over-hauled & replaced with:

This is my first attempt at trying to find better alternatives to the mainstream products that we are sold daily that contain many harmful chemicals and ingredients.  I know that there are even cleaner skin, body care and makeup products out there that are totally chemical free and organic but I have not got to the stage yet where I am researching and seeking them out.

*This line is specific to my skin and needs – during pregnancy you can continue using AHA but must stop using all BHA and retinol products

  • make-up
    • I got rid of products that had irritating ingredients or caused inflammation but I did not replace with organic or all-natural products across the board – there are some ranges that are free-from bad stuff but you have to make sure you look


Have you re-evaluated what you use at home as well?  Did you find any of this useful or interesting?  Let me know below . . .


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