is it safe to use hair dye & nail polish while pregnant?

My Experience

I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was six weeks and then was bed ridden until 15 weeks so I had already passed the first trimester without caring how I looked because let’s be honest I could barely move so how I looked couldn’t be the furthest thing from my mind.  However I went back to work at week 15 and started to feel more like myself and tried to get back to my normal.

I had heard from people that you shouldn’t dye your hair at all while pregnant and some people did nothing the whole nine months while I know other friends who ignored that completely and dyed their hair every six weeks.  I figured as long as I didn’t do it the first trimester when the baby is literally a speck and any foreign bodies harm it because it’s so small I’d be okay.  I also think it depends on the type of dye or bleach and how close it is to your scalp because that’s how you absorb the chemicals.  I ended up dying my hair once during the second trimester and had no adverse affects that I am aware of and my baby was born perfectly healthy.  In my opinion as long as you wait after the very critical first trimester and only dye your hair once the following two trimesters there isn’t much to worry about.  But again that’s up to you and the risk you are willing to take.  I’m pretty sure the book Expecting Better I have mentioned before talks about hair dye so you can understand the actual risk.

Nail polish is similar to hair dye – there isn’t much actual research out there but many people frown upon it.  It also has been known to include formaldehyde and toluene that can cause birth defects. Some brands have been redesigned to be safer, three-free means the polish doesn’t contain formaldehyde, dibutyl phthlate (DBP), or toluene.

It’s not just that your body is absorbing chemicals from the polish it’s also all of the fumes from inside the nail salon or just inhaling the nail polish when the bottle is open.  Again I stayed away from nail polish because I was too sick to care the first trimester but I did get a manicure and pedicure twice while I was pregnant.  Again I didn’t have any adverse affects however I was aware that I probably would be better off doing my nails at home myself with safer products like below.

Here Deborah Lippmann talks about what’s in her nail polish and what’s not.  Zoya is also known for more natural products and free from the bad ingredients read here for more information about what’s in their polish and they also have a natural top coat and nail polish remover (which I use and love).

 You want nail polishes that are:


Do you have any products you use that you know are safe that I haven’t mentioned?  Let me know below  . . .

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