preparing to hibernate for 6 weeks after baby is born

My Experience

You hear from a lot of people that the first six weeks or so after your baby is born is like living in a zombie like state where you are unable to function, eat, or sleep normally.  Even in my pre-natal class we were told to prepare for this hibernation period to help make it easier while it was happening.

I started my maternity leave two weeks before my due date because it was no longer possible for me to drive myself to work or sit in a chair all day.  So I decided to use these two weeks or longer to prepare.

First I made a list of everything I needed finished around the house that was bothering me and most likely would never get done once we had a baby.

Second I started searching Pinterest for energy ball recipes and cookies that I could make and freeze.  I knew that I was going to try to breastfeed and that when you are establishing your supply you need the extra calories and energy.  In our pre-natal class we were told we should eat something small throughout the day to keep our energy level up so I thought energy balls would be ideal and easy to freeze.

How I Coped

Looking back I wouldn’t change anything that I did.  We were well prepared with everything in the house which most likely reduced a lot of stress.  Surprisingly though we weren’t hibernating or walking around like zombies.  Maybe we have a really good baby or maybe because we’re older we’re more prepared or maybe both who knows.  All I can say is that the baby fit into our lives perfectly and our world wasn’t all of a sudden so different.  Day five she was out walking with us eating in a restaurant and five or six days out of the week she is outside getting fresh air.  She also was good and only woke up twice in the middle of the night when we all went to bed together at midnight.  She continues to be a really happy and well-adjusted baby so I definitely recommend living life and not hibernating like zombies.  Oh and getting your baby to sleep well is key to this so read Why The EASY Method Schedule is The Best Thing I Did to see why I think my baby has slept through the night since the first month.

What I did:

  • Make a list – of everything you need to be finished around the house that bugs you
  • Finish buying – all the baby things you need for the first three months
  • Make snacks to freeze – you can take a look at the recipes I used on my Pinterest board
  • Stockpile – diapers (nappies), deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent etc
  • Hire cleaners – we already had cleaners and they were a godsend while I was pregnant and even more so when you have the baby because you all of a sudden have a lot more daily chores then you did before
  • Figure out dinner – some people stockpile a bunch of freezer dinners while other order takeaway every night or just get by with whatever is at hand – we like to eat healthy so we had already started meals from Hello Fresh a couple of months before and just increased from three to five dinners a week and it’s available in the US, UK and Australia so there’s no excuses! My husband does all the cooking and Hello Fresh is hassle free – there is no thinking what to make, searching for ingredients or buying them it’s all delivered to your door on the day you want with everything you need to follow their recipes you can’t get any easier than that


Are you going to use any of my strategies?  Do you have anything else you’d like to add that you’ll be doing?  Let me know below . . .


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