second trimester swelling and traveling

My Experience

I went back to work week 14 and was still not feeling like myself until week 17. Overall the second trimester was the easiest – I felt as normal as I could and had energy to do stuff.  My bump first started to appear around 5 months.  I even traveled from London to New York twice at five and six months without any issues.

But just as I was feeling great I started to get swelling in my left foot and ankle at five months.  At first it wasn’t that big of a deal but it gradually became worse – painful to walk and I could only fit into flip-flops. The doctors sent me for scans twice because they were scared I had a blood clot because only one leg was swollen and not both. 

How I Coped

I knew being pregnant makes you more susceptible to deep vein thrombosis and that my mom also developed varicose veins from being pregnant so I knew I needed to wear support stockings on the plane for sure. But my prescription compression stockings were at my moms and it was going to be in the 90’s when I got to the US so I instead bought running calf sleeves. I initially wore them on the plane and then as my foot started to swell and my legs ache I wore them at night and eventually wore them all day and night. Amazingly even though they aren’t tight like compression stockings they did visibly reduce the swelling in my legs and made them feel better.

What I did:

  • Running calf sleeves – wore these at night and day to relieve some swelling and pain.  These are the ones I bought 2XU
  • Covered my legs – I wore long skirts/dresses/linen pants to cover them when I wore the sleeves during the day
  • Flip-flops – even though my feet ached without arches I wasn’t able to physically put on any shoes even first thing in the morning.  So I bought a bunch of flip-flops from Forever 21 in a couple of colors
  • On the plane –  I wore my calf sleeves on the airplane, drank lots of water (I brought my own refillable water bottle to keep track), got up and walked around more than usual on the plane and I felt fine


Let me know if anything similar happened to you – or if you have any other suggestions!



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