third trimester thankles the new cankles

My Experience

My left foot and ankle swelling from the second trimester turned into my whole left calf and foot – which turned into both feet, ankles and calves. By seven months it looked like my legs were the same size from my thighs down hence I named my new look Thankles for thigh-ankles and it’s not like I gained tons of weight I only got up to 30lbs.

The swelling was not only ugly forcing me to make sure my legs were covered for fear of embarrassment but it was also very painful. It hurt to walk 24/7 – first thing in the morning, at work I hobbled after sitting for a while, and by night I was in agony with the swelling at its worst.  It was difficult to move my huge legs because they were so heavy and enlarged but also my muscles were tight – I couldn’t flex my calf or foot causing me to waddle and shuffle because I couldn’t roll my foot when walking. 

How I Coped

Elevating my feet did nothing except make me feel like I was drowning from fluid rushing to my mid-section and put a lot of pressure on my chest. I discovered that my swelling was actually due to lymph fluid pooling in my ankles, feet and up my legs and not just water retention.

At work I had to make sure that I got up regularly from my desk even if I didn’t walk far just to get my blood circulating.  I had to constantly decline offers from people to get me drinks instead getting up with them and walking to the kitchen forced me to remember to get up and walk.  Sitting was probably the worst position because it seemed like my legs became the most stiff and swollen from not moving but also from my body being pinched at the hips.  If I got up and stood/walked the majority of the day I wouldn’t be as swollen or tired.

What I did:

  • Massage -I tried to massage my feet and ankles to get the fluid moving up higher
  • Walking – even though it was painful the more I walked first thing and throughout the day the less swollen I became


How was your third trimester?  Did you get swollen feet, ankles and legs as well?  Let me know . . .

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