will you get to 30 million words by 3 years old?

My Experience

In honour of World Book Day last week I thought I would write something about books.

I’ve always loved reading.  My mom read to me when I was little and when I could read on my own she would take me to the library every summer so I could enroll in the reading program.  It was exciting, I got a paper map with all of the types of books I could read and when I completed one I would get a stamp on that space.  I never completed the map but that wasn’t the point it was the experience of doing it with my mom and my love for books.  I always had a massive bookshelf in my room growing up proudly displaying all my books through my childhood and adolescent years – from Is That You God It’s Me Margaret, the Nancy Drew series, The Babysitters Club and other more serious books like Julie of The Wolves and The Pigman.  I know that having a really strong foundation of reading lead me to be confident in school with vocabulary, reading harder school books and writing book reports every year from elementary school to senior year.  There have been loads of studies linking reading to better achievement in school, better SAT scores and even higher intelligence.  I know that every summer during high school I would read at least ten books and some would be from the suggested reading list aka difficult and/or boring.  Books challenged me, broadened my horizons and took me to places I never imagined In Cold Blood, Rebecca, Animal Farm, The Metamorphosis, Slaughterhouse Five, Crime & Punishment and they made me interesting and well-read as an adult.

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