my baby name formula, choosing a name with reason not rhyme

My Experience

I’ve always been that girl who has had a list of baby names since I was a teenager.  I used to write names I would hear in the back of my address book.  When I got my first iPhone I transferred my  list and have been adding and subtracting names ever since.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was so sick that I didn’t even think about names seriously until the last trimester.  My husband didn’t want to tell family and friends what we were thinking about because everyone has an opinion and sometimes ruins a name you really like when your friends and family may get over their opinion.  I sort of followed this only discussing names with my parents and my good friend.

Girls names were the easiest for us it was boys names that we struggled to agree with.  I would randomly ask what about this name or that to my husband and he would usually not like them but never offer anything he actually liked.  It was quite frustrating to say the least especially when he kept telling me not to discuss it until the baby was born and we saw what he or she looked like.  But that’s not me – I need a list to try on first, a starting point instead of just reading names online or in a book for hours.

My requirements for a first and middle name were something classic yet unusual with something meaningful – and of course it would have to sound good with our last name.

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