how to avoid arguing with your partner

My Experience

No matter what kind of relationship you have or how understanding your partner is without a baby, doesn’t mean your life or relationship will continue as is once the baby arrives.

My husband is a good guy – some women will think I have it really good or easy in fact. However I am a Millennial women and now mom, so I feel that I have been brought up in a different world to my mother and therefore have had different experiences (i.e. not had to be as domesticated) but I also feel that my peers have different expectations of men than my mom’s boomer generation do.  I always wanted a partner who was exactly that, my partner – not me acting like their mom.  So I looked for and luckily found a husband who likes cooking, and isn’t that bad at doing the dishes or cleaning.  With that said, before baby, we didn’t have that many arguments about domestic stuff beyond – me “why can’t you put your laundry in the actual laundry basket not on top?” and him “why can’t you take the garbage out ever?”

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