decorating my nursery, how I used Etsy

My Experience

Picking a theme or color scheme is hard whether you know the gender or not.  Will I get tired of this?  Will it stimulate my baby?  Will it be too stimulating?  Will it be relaxing for me if I have to spend so much time in this room?

At first I thought I wanted primary colors, everything bright and stimulating but that was actually harder to find and make look good then I thought it would be so I reconsidered thinking it wouldn’t be relaxing for me.  We chose not to find out the gender so I came across this color scheme in an interior design magazine and loved it – lemon, mint green, grey and white.  The metallic gold happened to look great as well and already came as part of the dresser, lamp, artwork & mobile.

I am really pleased with how it turned out.  It didn’t cost a fortune and I feel comfortable and proud when I walk into the room.

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