teething & brushing tiny teeth

My Experience

I went to a free post-natal class at my local Children’s Centre which was fantastic because it gave me the ability to meet more moms that live nearby, get out of the house, and learn some stuff about taking care of a baby.  One of the classes was about teething and cleaning teeth.  During our lesson I was absolutely mouth opened shocked when I found out that 25% of children 11 and under get baby teeth PULLED OUT because they are rotten.  I couldn’t even believe it.  Of course this is entirely preventable and is related to the parents giving them lots of foods and drinks with sugar compounded by the fact that they most likely don’t brush their teeth regularly as well.  My nephew had a few teeth pulled a couple of years ago when he was 10 or 11 for this exact reason – he hates brushing his teeth, his parents don’t fight him to enforce it and his mom has fed him loads of crap food his whole life (candy, chocolate, frozen food, takeaway, potato chips etc) and now he’s 14 and I just found out that the dentist won’t allow him to get braces because his teeth are too unhealthy!

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